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Welcome to the Horizon Software Home Page. We provide a variety of products and services, including 1099-series magnetic media software, pari-mutuel racing products, and custom software development/consulting services.

2023 FireTax is here!

The latest version of our 1099-series tax software, FireTax, has been updated for 2023. FireTax is still the easist way to get your forms entered, printed, and submitted quickly and accurately.


Includes Form 1099-NEC

When reporting nonemployee compensation you must now use Form 1099-NEC. In previous years, nonemployee compensation was reported on Form 1099-MISC in box 7, but starting with the 2020 tax year you must report NEC in box 1 of 1099-NEC instead.

FireTax Data Entry Form

Color-coded Errors & Warnings

If a form has an issue that might indicate trouble, such as a missing Tax ID number, but the format is still acceptable to IRS, the form will be highlighted in ORANGE in the main menu. Critical errors, that would prevent a form from being accepted by IRS are highlighted in RED.

2020 FireTax Main Menu


Improved Reports, Now Viewable

All reports can be viewed in a Print Preview Window:

2020 Summary Report


Redesigned Substitute Forms

Our new substitute forms more closely resemble their official IRS counterparts. Instructions are listed at the bottom of the page, and only describe the boxes that are actually used on each individual form.

Sample Substitute Form


Improved Transmittal Screen

Any errors or warnings are displayed right on the transmittal screen, along with form counts for every type of form you have entered. All errors must be resolved before you can create your file for IRS. And a log of all transmittals is kept for your records.

Transmittal Screen


Ready For 2024

You no longer need a separate "Preview Edition" to get a head start on data-entry for the next tax year. Just create a new FireTax file and change the "Tax Year" to 2024, and you are ready to enter your forms. When you purchase and install the 2024 FireTax program you will be able to pull in all of the forms you pre-entered in the 2023 version.

Settings Screen

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