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Need help sending your 1099-series information returns to the IRS F.I.R.E. system?  We will do it for you.  Just send us an Excel spreadsheet listing the information for each payee.  We will transcribe the information onto a magnetic media file and transmit it electronically to IRS. You will receive a copy of our source data file, a copy of the output file we send to IRS, and a printout of the acceptance messages from IRS showing receipt and acceptance of the file.  We will even print recipient forms for an additional charge.


Transcribe Excel worksheet
$300 + $0.50 each
Print on standard pre-printed forms (Copy B)
$0.50 each
Double-window tax envelope for pre-printed forms
$0.35 each
Fold, stuff and seal envelopes
$0.80 each
Apply first-class postage (domestic U.S., prepay with order)
USPS rate







Call us toll-free at 800-950-4829 for more information or to place your order.

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