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2018 FloppyTax for Windows

Now available for download! FloppyTax is only available as an internet download. When you purchase the program you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a download link and a unique serial number. Run the setup program and enter the serial number when prompted to unlock your copy of FloppyTax.

As usual, IRS has made a few changes to their specification for reporting 1099-series information returns electronically.  The Final Edition of 2018 FloppyTax is ready now:

2018 FloppyTax Main Menu

All payees for a particular type of form (i.e. 1099-MISC) are listed in a scrollable window.  The user can sort this list by any of the columns, such as record number, tax ID, name, account number, etc.  Just double-click on any payee to edit that form:

2018 FloppyTax 1099-MISC

By designing our data-entry form to be similar to the official IRS paper form, we make it instantly recognizable.  When using paper forms as the input source, there is no confusion as to what the fields are.  At the bottom of the screen we list the record number (a unique identifying number for each form in the database), instructions for the field you are editing, the date this record was added to the database, and the date it was last modified.

Reports can be printed to verify data-entry, as well as to provide paper copies for the form recipients.  Just select the forms you wish to print, then click on Print:

2018 FloppyTax Print Forms & Reports


Options include a summary report showing name, address, tax ID number and payment amounts, an amount totals report, various types of pre-printed laser forms, and a substitute form on plain paper.

When it is time to prepare your IRS transmittal, simply click Transmittal on the main menu, review the Payer and Transmitter information, and click Begin to prepare your file for IRS. Magnetic media filing is no longer accepted by IRS - you must use the F.I.R.E. system for electronic filing.

2018 FloppyTax Transmittal

If you need help transmitting your electronic submittal to IRS, we offer a convenient Electronic Filing Service for users of our FloppyTax software.   Just send us your submittal file via e-mail, flash drive, CD-ROM, etc. and we will upload it to the IRS F.I.R.E. system on your behalf.  You will get a copy of their acceptance message for your records, and the knowledge that your file was accepted within days instead of months. 

2018 FloppyTax for Windows prepares all of these 1099-series forms:

1098, 1098-T, 1099-C, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-S, and W-2G

Software Pricing
2018 FloppyTax Download
Pre-Printed Forms Pricing (even quantities of 100 sheets or 500 envelopes)
Form Description Form # Price per sheet
1098 Copy B for Borrower L1098REC
Copy C for Lender L1098PAY
1098-T Copy B for Student L1098TREC
Copy C for Filer L1098TPAY
1099-C Copy B for Debtor LCREC
Copy C for Creditor LCPAY
1099-DIV Copy B for Recipient LDIVREC
Copy C for Payer LDIVPAY
1099-INT Copy B for Recipient LINTREC
Copy C for Payer LINTPAY
1099-MISC Copy B, Copy 2 & Copy 2 (3-panel) MW1233
Copy B & Copy 2 (2-panel) LMISCB2
Copy B for Recipient (2-panel) LMISCREC
Copy C for Payer/State (2-panel) LMISCPAY
Copy 2 for Recipient/State (2-panel) LMISCRECST
Pressure-Seal Copy B & Copy 2 (min 1,000) MW353
1099-S Copy B for Transferor LSREC
  Copy C for Filer LSPAY
W-2G Copy B, Copy C & Copy 2 LW2G
Small Envelopes Small Double-Window Envelopes for 1098-T, 1099-C, 1099-S, and 3-panel 1099-MISC MW184


Large Envelopes Large Double-Window Envelopes for 1098, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, and 2-panel 1099-MISC 7956E


Lg Self-Seal Envelopes Large Double-Window Envelopes for 1098, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, and 2-panel 1099-MISC 7535ES


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